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Wrought Iron Railings, Fencing, Partitions and more

And you thought Wrought Iron was only for Grilles & Gates?
May 15, 2016/by Barkha P

Best Ways to Clean Windows and Grilles

Infographic: Easy and Economical ways to make your Windows and…
March 8, 2016/by aekjobs

Window Cleaning on the Outside

Quick Hacks to clean your windows on the outside
Having sparkling…
January 15, 2016/by Barkha P

Festive window art for your home

Add Festive Joy to your Home with Window Art
The multicultural…
November 15, 2015/by Barkha P

Sliding Windows For Childproofing Your Home

Here’s why Sliding Windows are ideal for Childproofing your…
September 15, 2015/by Barkha P

Landed Property Entrance Gates

4 ways to create a Grand Entrance to your Landed Property
July 15, 2015/by Barkha P

Room Aesthetics

How to improve your room aesthetics with Sliding Windows
May 15, 2015/by Barkha P

Frosted Windows

Upgrade your privacy the easy and durable way with Frosted Windows
April 15, 2015/by Barkha P

Practical Tips to Maintain your Fence Gate well in the Singaporean weather

Iron fencing is a classic approach to securing any premises. …
March 16, 2015/by Barkha P

Safety Grilles for High Rise Buildings

Window and Balcony Grilles: Why we ought to choose safety over…
February 15, 2015/by aekjobs

Wrought Iron Design as a means to decorate your home

So, you’ve been tirelessly browsing through Interior Decoration…
December 16, 2014/by aekjobs

Wrought Iron name plates and house numbers

How to make your home noticeable and welcoming at the same time
October 15, 2014/by aekjobs

Benefits of Horizontal Window Grilles

Did you know how else you can use your window grilles?
September 15, 2014/by aekjobs

Window glass as a whiteboard

Window glass as a whiteboard?
Have you ever noticed traits of…
August 15, 2014/by aekjobs

Door accessories every homeowner should have

Three essential Door Accessories every home owner would want…
July 16, 2014/by aekjobs

Door Decor Ideas

How to decorate your plain looking doors in simple, easy ways
June 20, 2014/by aekjobs

Window Decoration using Decals

Now you can decorate your Windows, your own way
Are you the…
May 7, 2014/by aekjobs

Color options for window frames

Choosing the right colour of your Window frame

March 17, 2014/by aekjobs

Essential Accessories for Windows

Five Accessories you should buy for your new Windows
Just got…
January 15, 2014/by aekjobs

Insect Protection Screens

Protecting your home from insects & mosquitoes

This year…
November 23, 2013/by aekjobs

Options for Window Privacy

Three Simple Ways for Window Privacy

Decorating your home…
November 2, 2013/by aekjobs

Maintaining Wooden Doors

Wooden doors always give the home a warm and cosy feel. Being…
April 6, 2013/by aekjobs

Grille Cleaning Tips

Like Windows, Grilles are also directly subjected to the elements…
February 24, 2013/by aekjobs

Window Cleaning Tips

Glass windows look best when they are cleaned on a regular basis.…
January 9, 2013/by aekjobs

Window Safety Days

In order to raise awareness on Window Safety, the BCA has launched…
November 30, 2012/by aekjobs

Falling Maids

As with any other home décor fixture, windows, grilles and doors…
November 12, 2012/by aekjobs

Preventive Measures

It is resident’s responsibility to keep their Windows properly…
October 7, 2012/by aekjobs

Falling Windows

Falling Windows are a serious threat to public safety.  Windows…
October 7, 2012/by aekjobs

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Maintenance Tips: To keep glass windows, metal grilles and wooden doors in the best form on going care and maintenance is imperative.  A compilation of useful tips in this category will be handy for homeowners.

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Alternative Uses: Besides the main purpose for which they are fitted; Windows, Grilles & Doors can double up for alternative uses too.  We try to explore some these ideas in this section.

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