Aluminium Window Grilles

Window grilles are a classic example of infusing security with aesthetic qualities.  They were invented with the intention to provide a neat, uniform look for an entire building while protecting its inhabitants from forced entry and crime.  Today, the concept of window grilles has flourished with numerous options to choose from.

With the concept of security and safety pretty much in place, we focus on providing a simple, elegant and light weight solution for all your Window Grille requirements.  Aluminium grilles are a durable, light and economical option.  They resist corrosion and hence, last longer under any conditions.  They can withstand any amount of sun and rain.

Types of Aluminium Grilles

We specialise in home protection and efficient home keeping.  Our Aluminium Grille panels slide smoothly ensuring that window cleaning is not a troublesome task.  Our extensive range of Grille panel designs includes horizontal or vertical bars as per your desired preference, giving your home the perfect look.

Though popularity of grilles in Singapore is general high, white powder coated Aluminium grilles are most common in Singapore.  This is owing to the fact that they offer a clean, fresh look to the interiors and exteriors of any premise.

Within the Aluminium grille genre, we offer further customisation based on your preference and tastes.  Co-ordinating your aluminium grille with your interiors is effortless as you can choose from:

  • Aluminium hollow section thickness
  • Powder coated variety with a range of colours to choose from – White, Silver, Brown and more
  • Wide range of beautiful lattice designs

Grille Designs

We include innumerable lattice design preferences to choose from.  Apart from using all horizontal or vertical lines at even spaces, one can opt for closer spaced squares or larger blocked design.  Combination of vertical bars with horizontal ones or three horizontal/vertical lines with a larger space, followed by another three horizontal/vertical lines are also viable design options.  The pattern you choose would depend on the amount of security required and the look that suits your room the best.

For convenience of use, all our Aluminium Grilles are available with a handy lock & key mechanism.

The advantage of Aluminium Grilles is their unique ability to adapt to any home, office or shop requirement.  They serve all security purposes and enhance the appearance of any window.  Our team is equipped with the know-how as per set HDB & BCA guidelines and is available for expert advice regarding any of your aluminium grille needs.

For a simple, elegant & inexpensive Aluminium Grilles