Folding Doors are doors that “fold open”.  This type is different from the conventional Swing Doors which swivel at the hinges to open or close.  Since they fold open they are ideal to use in areas of limited space or where you need to use the space right beside the door.  The most common forms of folding doors are the Bi-Fold Doors, Multi-Fold  and the Accordion Doors.  We specialize in Bi-Fold and Multi-Fold Doors.

While Bi-Fold are two narrow doors attached at the center by a hinge, you can also use them in pairs i.e. Multi-Fold placed together on a single track and once opened they fold open on either side of the track (door rail)

Multi-Fold doors differ from Accordion type of doors in a few ways – the panels are much bigger and they usually have proper panel frame made of wood or metal.  Accordion doors on the other hand are usually made of PVC and mainly used for bathrooms and store rooms.  An aluminium frame Multi-fold door with Acrylic or Poly Glass panels is sturdy and much more appealing for the interiors.

Besides creating an opening of 80 to 90% there are other benefits our Multi-Fold Doors can bring

  • Convert two adjoining rooms into a bigger one with the sliding ease
  • Choose from a range of our design panels
  • Access areas outside your home (balcony, patio, etc) that you may not have fast access to already

Our most popular multi-fold door is the white powder coated aluminium frame with acrylic panels.  And for those who wish to add that touch of design to their folding doors, we a have a wide range of art series to choose from.

We’ll be more than happy to come down and specify the right Folding door configuration be it Bi-Fold or Multi-Fold to match your needs.