Iron & Wrought Gates

The security of your home and family is of paramount importance.  While, sturdy doors, fitted with security gates protect your immediate environment, it is also equally essential to safeguard your entire premise.  Strong Iron and wrought Iron gates constructed on the boundary of your property give an additional layer of protection to your living.  These can be along the periphery of your yards, for semi detached or terrace houses.  Ornate driveway entrances or gates demonstrate sophistication and class.  Created with utmost refinement, iron and wrought iron gates are a simple way to guarantee long lasting charm.

We specialise in Iron and wrought Iron gates for maximum security and aesthetic beauty.   Wrought Iron gates are usually installed as the main door gates for HDB and Condo units in Singapore.  Due to wrought iron’s malleability and easy wielding properties they can moulded into artistic designs.  Coupled with the durability this material offers, it makes it a popular choice for home owners.  Wrought Iron designs make entrances look grand and set the tone for your home.

Outdoor Iron Gates

Outdoor gates are usually of metal, but can include a combination of wood and metal.  In areas where there is repetitive exposure to direct rain or bright sun, the wrought iron is galvanised for additional resistance against rust and longevity.  Galvanised wrought iron material is treated by dipping the wrought iron into a solution of molten zinc. The zinc creates a protective rust proof layer over the wrought iron.

Apart from the gates along the edges of your property, iron gating can also be erected around your home swimming pool.  This can enhance the look of your pool space while protecting young children in an efficient way.

We also supply and install simple iron bar gates for those who need an easy solution or we can offer a range of artistic designs for those who desire them. Wrought Iron gates are available in the sliding or swinging kinds.  In case there is a lack of space in your premise, or the walkway is on a slope, we suggest a sliding gate.  For heightened security, you can opt for electronic locking devices which enable swing gates to close and lock automatically.  This device is commonly used for side gates in condominium compounds.  Apart from which all our gates are fitted with strong and durable standard locks.

Experts for Door Gates in Singapore

Our team of experts are equipped with the know-how and tools to create the right type of iron gating for your needs.  To enhance the look of your property, we can aesthetically match your gate to your style of fencing.  This offers the exterior boundary of your premise an attractive and classic uniform look.

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