A driveway is a private road connecting the entrance of your property to one or more building structures of your premises.  In Singapore where land is scarce and there is no country side as such driveways for residences are limited, usually enclosing your private car park area.

A gate on your driveway can both increase the privacy of your home and create a grand entrance, not to mention the extra measure of security it adds.  Nowadays, Auto Gates are preferred since it doesn’t require you to get out of your car which is really worthwhile on a rainy day.

We have installed Driveway Gates (Sliding and Swing types) for residential and non-residential properties and these can be heavy duty iron gates or steel gates.  We can also replace your Auto Gates and retrofit new gates to existing Auto Gate systems.

For large width gates, we can also provide Side gate integration for normal access.  A Side gate is the best solution for visitors, maid, children, etc.  This allows for easy access without the need to operate the Auto gate.

We can also help to surround your Driveway Gates with a matching fence and garden gates.

To find the best combination of beauty, strength, corrosion resistance, and price in Singapore