The sliding door represents intelligent, convenient and up-to-date living.  It’s more popular in a space that requires that added help to appear vast and spacious.  Sliding doors glide open horizontally and the door is either built on or suspended from a track, from below or above, respectively.  There are two standard types of sliding apparatus; Top Hung or Bottom Rolling Systems, with the Bottom Rolling variety being used more often.  All sliding doors create zero obstruction, like traditional hinged doors that swing open, would. Their application is most popular for balcony, shower and closet doors.  Though with the wide varieties available today, the only restriction is your own imagination!

We install Sliding Doors for a wide range of applications including, but not limited to

  • Balconies
  • House entrances
  • Room, Kitchen or Toilet entrances
  • Kitchen sink cabinets
  • Closets and so on

And these can be done in numerous designs and materials. Coloured tempered glass is ideal for balcony fixtures, house and bathroom entrances. They can just as easily be mounted on kitchen cabinets and closets.  In fact, if your kitchen shelves are stocked with utensils or packaged foods, placing a full or partial sliding doors in front of them, is a clever way to hide the clutter.  Also a common kitchen and dining space is often found, but sometimes, if one needs to separate the two, an attractive sliding door performs the job perfectly.  They are also ideal for small office spaces that need proper conference room or workspace segregation.  Every requirement can have a personalised look.

Powder coated metal door frames are attractive options for all sliding door applications.  Variations can also be applied in the types of panels you wish to deploy.  Choices range from glass to PVC and even Acrylic.  So, the panel colour, number, type or colour of door frame can all be brought together beautifully, and manifest in your own individually personalised sliding door.

Safety precautions are well built into the sliding door structure.  The actual doors are held in place on wheels on tracks, with safety locks that prevent the doors from popping off their paths.  Smart tools such as soft closers or dampeners can be added to create a smoother opening and closing experience.  A bottom rolling system consists of two wheels at the bottom of the door that move on a track and two guides at the top for better manoeuvrability.

Another advantage of sliding doors is, that they are easy to maintain, clean and lubricate.  The tracks on which the doors are fixed can be vacuumed, cleared and wiped clean very easily.  It helps to apply a non adhesive lubricant which can be spread along the track for ease of glide.

We install all kinds of Sliding Doors as per your requirement.  We are also available for design guidance and professional advice.

Enhance your interiors with Sliding Doors at affordable prices