Sliding Windows

The sliding window seamlessly fits right into the modern urban home with its sleekness and sensible space saving design.  It is an apt symbol of a contemporary lifestyle.  As traditional windows that swing open turn passé, the era of sliding windows is here to stay.  The sliding window concept came into existence primarily due to a lack of space.  Today however, we find that there are several more advantages for this clever discovery.

A sliding window panel can be easily mounted anywhere in your home such as in the common corridor or hallway window, in your kitchen or even the bedroom.  Its ease of operation makes it safe and highly adaptable.  Clear glass sliding windows also offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors without bulky frames or grids that block, while protecting you from exterior elements.

Advantages of installing Sliding Windows

All our sliding windows are fitted with panel interlocks and simple turn locks that ensure adequate safety and security.  This uncomplicated locking system is completely hassle free and doesn’t require any external locking device.  Another vital advantage that sliding windows have, is of being weather resistant and completely rain proof.  Our window tracks are equipped with a special provision that allows automatic drainage of collected water from its guides.  This provision is designed to withstand all types of rain especially under the Singaporean weather conditions, including the heaviest of storms and high velocity winds.

Sliding windows are extremely simple to keep clean due to the minimal components required for their installation.  All one needs to do is lubricate the slider or wheels that enable sliding of the window and an occasional vacuuming of the window track.  Due to their low maintenance, these types of windows tend to last considerably longer than the traditional variety.

Our offerings under the category of sliding windows are wide and we are open to customization, according to your individual preferences.  This will ensure you benefit from all that sliding windows have to offer – neat and elegant Interiors, colour co-ordinated aesthetic beauty, ease and convenience of usage and optimum protection and safety.

Our customization options include:

  • Glass Type: You can choose from a host of opaque, frosted, clear or more glass options
  • Colour of Glass Panels & Window Frame: Our selection covers a wide palette ranging from mild tones to the brighter, more bold ones
  • Number of Window Panels (depending on percentage of opening)
  • Combination of Track & Panel numbers eg: 2 track 3 panels or 3 track 3 panels

Location, size, interior set up and elemental reasons such as light, rain and wind are amongst the factors which decide which of the options from the above four categories that you can choose from.  We are equipped to offer you ideal advice and suggestions in this regard.  Due to our in-depth industry knowledge and awareness, all our windows installations adhere to the HDB and BCA guidelines and standards.

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