Casement Windows

Why Choose Casement Window

The casement window offers the perfect window experience!  It pushes wide open with ease, letting in abundant sunlight, and fresh breeze that can blow generously through your home, whenever you desire.

Casement is the traditional variety of window that’s attached on hinges from one side, and swings open from the other.   Connected to the window frame, it can be of a single or double set, swinging inwards or outwards, depending on space and requirement.  The way in which casement windows are installed is by attachment to window frames via hinges and operation is by means of levers which also serve as locks.

A casement window which comprises of hinges on top and opens upwards is known as an Awning Casement or Top Hung window.  We offer this variety for a host of applications such as for lower windows or those where one requires higher privacy.

Casement varieties are age old and continue to remain as the most preferred of all window types in Singapore and world over.  This kind of window allows complete freedom of unhindered scenic view, ample wind and light – a direct access to Singapore’s skyline if you happen to be on a high floor.  In a two panel casement window set-up, one has the advantage of full outward opening as compared to a sliding windows, in which exposure is only 50%.

Though the basic design of a casement window is simple, it can be made more appealing via specialised customization options.  Based on your preferences

we offer customization in areas of:

  • Glass Type – You can choose from a host of opaque, frosted, clear or more glass options
  • Colour of Glass Panels – Our selection covers a wide palette ranging from mild tones to the brighter, more bold ones
  • Number of Window Panels – This is according to the size of the window opening

Customization in Hinged Windows

This variety of window has wide scope for customization as its size and colour can vary considerably and they appear eye-catching in almost any material. White powder coated casement windows, fitted with a calming sea green glass is highly popular amongst Singaporean home owners.

Casement windows are among the easiest to open and close.  They are also known to be energy efficient due to their ability to be sealed shut.  Hence, these windows are no nonsense, economical and highly adaptable.  Innovation in the area of glass and panels allow you to add that extra personalised touch.

In areas of harsher weather exposure, we recommend our specialised Aluminium Window frame fitments, equipped with strong rubber lining to ensure air-tight, rain proof closure.  We utilise stainless steel rivets for all our casement windows ensuring strength and durability.

Quality Casements Windows at affordable price for your HDB, Condo or Landed House