Door Gates

Safety & Security with Door Gates

A door secured by a heavy metal gate is the first sign to ward off external crime, such as burglary or vandalism. In some cases it’s a necessity while in others, a mere safety precaution.  Either way, security gates need not be an eyesore and can truly enhance the look of your home entrance.  An added advantage for a door fitted with a security gate is the freedom to keep your front door open for the view or even a pleasant breeze.

To ensure the safety of your family and pets, security gates prove to be a boon.  They play a vital role in your protection even when answering the door to unknown individuals.  Their designs allow visibility while obstructing intrusion.  Depending on the level of security required by you, you can opt for the right material and locking application.  As home security issues are a concern, especially in urban set-ups, investing in a good sturdy security door is a step in the right direction.

In Singapore, though the crime may be low it is still worthwhile to install a basic door gate for the above mentioned reasons.  A simple reason would be the ease of entertaining strangers or salesmen without taking the risk of fully opening up the entrance.  For most Singapore homes, width of a door gate would typically be 3 or 4 ft with a standard height of 7 ft.

As for the material, gates are mainly of 3 varieties:

  1. Aluminium – Heat strengthened or tempered aluminium is preferred for this variety. Powder coating or anodising also helps prevent corrosion
  2. Stainless Steel Mesh – This mesh is attached to an aluminium frame either with stainless steel screws or PVC clamps.
  3. Iron – These can be of Iron or Wrought Iron and are the most popular and trustworthy. These can be hot dip galvanised or simply painted. While the Iron doors are made of simple Iron bars, ideal for all security needs; Wrought Iron gives you the option of having that ornamental look for your entrance since it can be bend and craft into beautiful designs

Door Gate Designs

We specialise in Iron for our security doors including Wrought Iron.   In our wide experience, we’ve fitted numerous doors with the right security gate, in HBD and Condominium units, ranging from contemporary iron designs to beautiful ornamental wrought iron fixtures.

Our offerings under the wrought iron design category include innovative themes such as Marine, Star & Moon, Flowers & Leaves and much more.  In case you wish to express your creativity, we are also open to fabricate your own customised designer gates according to your tastes.  We also keep in mind our budget conscious customers, who will be presented with a wide range of common designs and patterns.

Our team of experts are equipped with the knowhow and tools to create a security door for doors of any shape or size, keeping in mind the architectural layout of your premise.  We can assist you in creating security doors for all your entrance and exit ways, including veranda or porch doors, for landed homes.  All our security gates are fitted with exceptional quality locking devices.

Bring beauty and safety to your home entrance