Soundproof Windows

Soundproofing becomes essential when the immediate environment threatens to rise above a desired noise level.  This is often a cause of unwanted disturbance and stress.  In case your home or office is situated in close proximity to a highway, busy road, open coffee shop or construction site, soundproofing is vital.

To soundproof a room, one can undertake

  • Decoupling or removing of the conduction element by employing acoustical seals for doors, etc
  • Absorption or insulation by putting up thick curtains to absorb the external noise and create a buffer
  • Adding Mass or thickness to the walls and partition
  • Dampening with the application of a soundproofing adhesive application (such as Green Glue

However, a simpler way to soundproof a room is by installing soundproof windows.  This is based on the basic fact that majority of noise travels into our homes or offices through windows and not the walls.  Hence, soundproofing the windows is guaranteed to create a soothing and relaxing environment wherever you desire.

Soundproof windows go a long way in noise reduction and are commonly installed in buildings located in the middle of the city or the like.  The glass utilised in soundproof windows, is naturally of a more dense and durable variety.  So apart from blocking unwanted noise, they also assist in increased security and safety.  Soundproof glass on the other hand, not only keeps intruding sound at bay but can also retain sound within and is often used in recording or dance studios.

Another advantage of such windows is maintenance of temperature within your premises.  Due to the thickness of soundproof glass, strong, damaging rays of the sun are blocked from infiltrating into your home or office, thereby cutting costs of air conditioning.  This is ideal for Singaporean weather.  Likewise, when the weather outside is cold or chilly, the indoors remain warm and cozy behind the protection of soundproof windows.  In relevant areas, even harsh rain and wind can be prevented from affecting the internal temperature.

Our soundproof windows are constructed of Double Glazed Glass.  This variety of glass comprises of one 5 mm width metal sheet, sandwiched between two 5mm width glass sheets, totalling to a thickness of 15 mm.  This provides 3 solid layers of insulation and typically results in a noise reduction of 40% to 80%, depending on which floor it is being deployed on.  The lower floor units are able to experience noise reduction of up to 80%, whereas with the higher floors it’s approximately 40%.

An important factor in noise reduction is the type of sound one is blocking.  Since this influences the level of reduction, a free site visit from our team of experts is recommended in case you plan to opt for soundproof windows.  It is also important to note that soundproofing is most effective with the Casement Window variety.

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