Fences are installed on walls or at ground level to have an open effect to your exteriors and the same time provide security for your property from intruders.  Fencing usually required for bungalows or non-residential properties and help to draw out boundary of the estate.  Railings are more applicable to balconies and roof tops for safety reasons.

Planning the length and breadth of intended fencing is important to ensure that the appropriate measurements are taken before fabricating the fence and railings.  Fencing is necessary for the walls of your gardens or backyard, should be in relevant to the landscape of your property and the structures within.  The fence design should also match with design of your Driveway Gate.

Our expertise in Grilles and Gates extends to fencing and wall top railing as well.

All our fence & railings are of solid Wrought Iron that is made weather and rust resistant with protective coating.

Fencing/railing requirements!