Glass Doors

Advantages of Glass Doors

A glass entrance is a welcoming sign and that which promotes a light airy environment.  There’s no classier reception than a grand glass door to your home or rooms.  Glass doors at your entrance and exit points or even within your home serve numerous purposes depending on their type and location.  Magnanimous casement or sliding glass doors are popular with landed home entrances as they allow an unobstructed view of the exterior landscape.  Though they are most popular with these entrances, they are equally stunning for balconies and individual rooms of apartments.

Glass doors have the unique ability to add to the aesthetic beauty of your home’s interior and exterior make-up alike.  The view they offer of the outdoors can be cherished during the day or even the night if your apartment is located at a scenic height.  Their overall convenience lies in ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Due to the natural light they allow in during the day, they help to restrict lighting and energy costs.  They also keep out the elements, insects and extra noise while allowing in the required rays.  Sliding glass doors tend to be larger than traditional doors, making it easier to move large pieces of furniture and electrical equipment in out of your residence, when the need arises.

In case you’re contemplating a renovation job in your home or office space, it is advisable to include glass doors in your improvement plan.  Whether you wish to place a partition or door where a wall is currently hampering the space dynamics of the room, or in case you wish to widen an entrance to your backyard or balcony, glass doors will ensure the desired effect.

Choice of Design & Colour

Another advantage of glass doors is the wide variety of choices in design and colour that are available today.  There’s a style to suit the look of any home.  One can also add metal frames or coloured glass to boost their decorative quotient.  A beautiful option is to deploy the use of attractive stained glass for a particularly classy door, which also ensures sufficient privacy.  Glass doors are also popular for shower cubicles as opposed to shower curtains, as they can help seal in the steam, resulting in hot soothing showers.

Over the years, we have successfully installed Glass Doors with a variety of Glass Panel types

  • Tinted
  • Tempered
  • Double Glazed and many more.

Though Glass Doors permit high visibility, their construction is sturdy and secure.  The glass used is toughened or laminated. The most common installations are metal framed Glass Doors.  This metal is usually Aluminium that is powder coated to ensure protection against corrosion.  All our door installations are fitted with high quality door knobs for further look enhancement and security.

We do Glass Doors of all specifications and budgets