Insect Screens for Windows

Insect Protection Screens

Protecting your home from insects & mosquitoesWindow Wire Mesh

This year the dengue epidemic is exceptionally severe in Singapore, and health officials have been trying to beat the worst ever outbreak with large scale public awareness and prevention programmes in heartland residential areas.  The Singapore Ministry Of Health is maintaining  strict vigilance over the spread of disease with its mosquito surveillance programmes, which includes penalties for people who fail to remove mosquito breeding sites like stagnant water, and keeping the environment clean.

The peak dengue season, from May to October, allows multiplication of virus because of warmer temperatures.  Besides Dengue, mosquitoes are infamous for other dreaded diseases such as  Malaria, Chikungunya and so on.


Keeping Mosquitoes at bay

Apart from taking preventive measures such as removing stagnant water, its imperative that mosquitoes are kept at bay from entering our homes.  And this means fortifying our Windows from not only mosquitoes but also from unwanted pests such as moths, lizards and the like.  While we all want these uninvited guests to stay away from our homes, we do like to keep our windows open during the warmer months to let in cool breeze during the day.  We want fresh air but NOT mosquitoes and  insects.  So, how do we  have our cake and eat it too?….with the Insect  Screens and Wire Meshes!

These provide a good solution to make the house pest-free and retain the good exterior look.  Besides they’ll save you from the harmful side effects of anti-insect sprays which seem to be the only other easy option to eliminate pests.  You can now meticulously design screens according to your requirements since these can be crafted out in a different sizes and patterns.  And its possible to add screens on your doors and windows in such a way that it leaves the locks/latches still operable without the need to change them.

In addition to keeping insects out, screens also help in keeping the dust out, saving the house person the chore to do frequent cleaning and dusting of the interiors.  Once in a while all that’s needed is removal and cleaning the screen with a water spray.

Insect Screens for WindowsScreens are not limited to covering windows, they can also be installed for different types of doors including Sliding doors & Bi-fold doors.  These screen doors are also handy in keeping a check on unsupervised exit of small children and pets out of the house.

Multi-purpose mesh are easily available at any neighborhood hardware shop at affordable prices.  For more sophisticated options, you can engage professionals such as MagicSeal Singapore which can provide a variety colors and product ranges

There are many homes in Singapore where these screens/meshes are installed whereby in addition to securing the interiors from pests/insects and peeping toms they also enhance the look and beauty of the house!