Window Shades for Privacy

Options for Window Privacy

Three Simple Ways for Window Privacy

Decorating your home and want to do up your windows? Not sure what would look best and function hassle free?  If you are one of those homemakers whose pulling her hair over these issues then here are three simple options to help you decide the best fit for your abode.

Yes, it’s tough when it comes to choosing the best option to address privacy aspects for your windows.  Since, there are many choices available with innumerable varieties and styles in each of them.

1.      Curtains

Curtains for privacyCurtains can block sunlight and heat, in addition to blocking sound and dust.  They are very versatile and lend themselves to be fitted in any style, decor, and budget. You can have expensive, rich drapes, or you can hang simple curtains according to your needs.

When opting for curtains, see that you measure the length accurately.  Too long or too short can take away the total appeal from the room.  The length of curtains can vary according to the needs.  For example to make the room very dark and add class to the décor of the room, you can have curtains from floor to ceiling.

Besides the length and material, there are various types of Curtains that you can decide on such as –

  • Pleated or Un-pleated on a hook rail
  • Tab Curtains hung on a simple curtain rod which are one of easiest to maintain and change
  • Valance Curtains for that grand look to your interiors
  • Swag Curtains for single piece curly look
  • Café Curtains which provide privacy in the room at the same time allowing sunlight and outside view

One drawback of having curtains is cleaning them. Removing, Washing, Ironing and Refitting them can be quite a chore.  It also becomes difficult to match when you decide to change the décor or remodel your home.

2.      Blinds

Blinds offer another inexpensive way of window treatment for privacy.  The maintenance of blinds is easy and keeping it clean does not take a lot of effort or time.  You can control the amount of sunlight in the room by manipulating the slats, which is as effortless as pulling a string

Vertical Window Blinds


It gives total privacy if you close the slates fully, alternatively you can pull up the shade to expose the glass pane of the window.

Various types of blinds are available for both home and office use – Pull down Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Vertical Blinds and so on.  And for each type there is ample choice of the material that can be selected –

  • Vinyl blinds are light weight and least expensive, but can be flimsy and bend easily.
  • Aluminum blinds are also light weight but more sturdy than vinyl. They offer a lot variety in size, color and finish.
  • Faux wood blinds mimic real wood without its disadvantages of warping or cracking. They last long and are more expensive than vinyl or aluminum blinds.
  • Real wood blinds are lighter than faux wood and give a natural feeling, but hey are very expensive and can block light considerably.

Blinds can match almost all the décor types and is not affected by change of décor in the room.  Because of its availability in many colors, materials and sizes, it works out to be cheaper than other window treatments.

The main disadvantage however is, the cleaning of slats.  If you live in an area where dust is a problem than cleaning can be tedious.

3.      Shades

Window Shades for PrivacyShades are a fabric shade that can be pulled shut, or raised open with a cord. They are available in a variety of fabrics, textures and styles. They can be flat, tear drop style or looped style.

Shades are a very elegant and stylish way to cover your window for privacy.  It can be made from almost any fabric and therefore can match any décor easily.  It’s a timeless style because it has always been there for many years without being affected by current trends.

However, Shades do not give much flexibility in controlling the amount of light you want in.  It can be either up or down. The other drawback is its cost. It is usually expensive to custom make the shade and its upkeep also takes time and effort.

So, next time when you think of solutions to cover your windows for privacy research the various options on the table and make the right decision!