Option for Window decoration

Window Decoration using Decals

Now you can decorate your Windows, your own way

Option for Window decorationAre you the kind who loves to infuse a dash of creativity into unexpected aspects of your home or office? Does art brighten your mood and refresh your soul? Are you eager to try innovative ideas to beautify your living or work space? Then Decal or Decalcomania is for you…

Now, you may have heard of decals for walls and doors, but what we’re going to talk about today are Window Decals that can enhance your windows in ways you never expected. It’s the quickest, no fuss way to introduce modern design to your residence or work place.

A decal, as most of you may know, is an expressive piece of graphic or illustration that is either stuck onto a surface like a sticker, or then the image is merely transferred onto the required base.

Adorning your home windows or advertising your brand, do it your way

One can opt for a decal that runs around the border of your window, is positioned in the centre or then covers the whole glass area. Window glass provides an ideal canvas to express any amount of decal creativity you desire. You can place any picture, word or design on the window of your choice. They are available in multiple sizes too. So you see, the only restriction here would be your own imagination!

Window decoration using customized stickersIn case you do take a fancy to decorate windows of your office or shop, remember that decals are a perfect way to project a message or advertise your brand. They’re eye-catching, cost effective and can be viewed from in or out. For the sunny, tropical Singaporean climate, the decal can be placed on the inside, to be viewed from the exterior.

Though most vinyl decals are available in a one-time-use variety, they come with a laminated cover that makes them easier to replace, preventing a sticky mess. It’s no wonder that they are doing well as a recent addition to the Do-It-Yourself home improvement segment.


Other competing options for treating your windows

Prior to launching your decal project however, it’s important to be informed about the options available out there. One can either use a window decal, a sticker or then window cling for the purpose of decoration or publicity. Here’s a concise table to help you grasp the pros and cons of all three types:

  Pros Cons
Sticker Quick, easy, one time usage Can’t be re-used or repositioned once stuck, final product is not as clean, can be peeled off easily, not weather resistant
Static Cling No adhesive so can be removed and re-used, available in wide variety – die-cuts and clear static variety, short term usage Lack of adhesive makes them non weather resistant, need to be changed often
Decal Ideal for outdoor use, can withstand the elements to a certain degree, long-lasting, can be applied to most surfaces; ideal for glass, unique design options are available Not easily removed, cannot be re-used