Window Curtain rods and holdbacks

Essential Accessories for Windows

Five Accessories you should buy for your new Windows

Just got new windows and have no idea how to add style to them? Unless some niceties are thrown in, they may look very dull, besides creating a bare ambience for your home.  So, what to do to bring a bit of sophistication and elegance to your windows? Well, the options are far too many, but we are going to tell you about 5 lovely accessories that can prove quiet handy, in addition to bringing about an aesthetic look for your interiors.

Commonly used accessories for Windows

Typical Window Accessories


  1. Solar Screen: Generally made from fibre glass, a solar screen attached to your windows always adds a taste to them. But what else can it – do for you? Have it and get about 75% of the sunlight blocked. A solar screen shall prevent fading of your interior’s paraphernalia like furniture, draperies, bed-sheets, sofa leather, carpet etc.  Especially in sunny Singapore, they would reduce heat and glare to a minimum.  It is a kind of energy conservation too as cooling would reduce your AC’s consumption.  Cool enough, isn’t it?
  2. Window Squeegee: Neglect windows for a month or two, and you will find them covered with dirt and dust, a squeegee can prove quiet handy in cleaning your windows. They are made to leave no streaks behind while rubbing, and are easy to handle.  Usually, they have a durable rubber blade attached to them for thorough and quick cleaning.
  3. Insect Screen: Now get rid of those bugs and mosquitoes that come through your windows and create havoc.  This is the function of a multi-purpose insect screen. In addition to keep those irritable creatures out, it does not block fresh air from coming in.  Its fasteners make it easy for you to add or remove the screen, as and when desired.  Gives a simple and effective way from block insects coming though your windows.
  4. Window Curtain rods and holdbacks

    Window Curtain rods and holdbacks

    Curtain Rods: One of the accessories you’d need by default (if you are not planning Solar films) would be rods to hang your curtains.  Rods are versatile and can be employed for hanging most types of curtains.  And they usually come with artistic ends to enhance the aesthetic appeal of curtains.  An alternative to rods would be curtain railings which would be your preferred choice especially if your Windows are wall to wall since fixing rods with rod ends would be a challenge.

  5. Curtain Holdbacks: Embellish your new windows with wooden holdbacks.  By attaching them to your curtains, they can adjust the level of incoming light.  Their hold and release mechanism shall also render the amount of privacy you require for yourself.  If you are looking for something really affordable, yet classy, then go for them.

So, have these in your shopping list once your Windows are installed.  They’ll make your Windows quickly accepted as part of your home décor