Door Accessories

Door accessories every homeowner should have

Three essential Door Accessories every home owner would want to buy

If you’ve been wondering about the most vital door accessories from the wide world of door décor, you’ve come to the right place! Doors are one of the most taken-for-granted aspects of our homes. We often forget the imperative role they play in security, privacy and general protection. Hence, some investment in a few functional requirements will not go to waste, provided we know what to invest in and what the necessary virtues of each accessory are.

Useful accessories for Doors

Important door accessories that you’d never regret investing in

1.      The Door Stopper

A door stopper essentially prevents a door from either opening too wide, shutting unexpectedly or holding it open by sticking it to the wall behind. The latter type also prevents the door knob from regularly bumping into the wall, causing damage to the wall paint. Though it’s a relatively unnoticeable mechanism, a door stopper ensures minimal accidents. In the event of a strong wind, it can be quite harmful if a door slams shut, especially if there is a small child or pet in its way. One can even control how wide to leave the door open by placing the stopper in its midst at the right spot.

There are various types of door stoppers which include the specific places on which they are mounted. You can either fix one on the baseboard, the central hinge of the door, the floor or on the wall behind; depending on what function the stop is supposed to perform. The other criterion is the style of stopper you require. Today, the style range in door stoppers is wide and surprisingly, very attractive. You can opt for a simple kind or a fancy one from any of the below types and more:

a)     The spring or solid door stop

b)    The door holder

c)     The hinge pin door stop

d)    The floor mount stop

e)     The convex or concave wall point

f)     The low base door stop


2.      The Door Hook Rail

Door hook rails and hangers are clever little things that take care of your keys, photographs, jackets, umbrellas, towels, shoes and so much more. There are various strength intensities in hook rails so make sure you get the right one for your purpose. They look neat, save space and are easily accessible especially when you’re rushing out and need your keys in a hurry!

The popular types of hook rails that can fixed to your room doors include:

a)     The basket and hook rail

b)    The arrow door hook

c)     The hanger holder

d)    The push pin hanger

e)     The picture hanger

f)     The shelf peg

g)    The hook rail with a ledge


3.      The Door Viewer

As the average peephole has been replaced with a new age door viewer, we can now see (and breathe) easy! A door viewer is nothing but an upgraded version of the peephole which enables us to see who’s standing on the other side of our door even before we open it. The improvement lies in the clarity and size of the vision, enabling us to identify the individual/ better. One can view a visitor from 5 to 7 feet away due to the special lens that door viewers are fitted with.

Door viewers are not easily tampered with. They are inexpensive and make perfect sense. The best part of new door viewers is that they prevent the visitor from peeping in, while you’re trying to peer out!

So, next time you’re getting a new door installed or an old one refurbished do keep in mind these add-ons and make your door more functional.