Wooden Doors are the most popular type for Rooms.  Simple, affordable and long lasting Wooden Doors are the preferred choice for everyone when it comes to Room or Main entrance of your HDB, Condo or Landed home.

We offer a wide range of door types to our customers

  • Classic Doors
  • Veneer Doors
  • Nyatoh Doors

Classic Doors are suitable if you are looking for hard wood doors with a timeless look.  Ideal for bedrooms and not suitable for wet areas.  Classic Doors provide you a simple, elegant and cheap solution for your room door needs.

Veneer is actually thin slices of wood that are typically glued onto core panels to produce flat panels such as doors.  Veneer doors offer sleek design patterns that enhances your rooms appearance.

Nyatoh wood is easy to work with and takes to stain and polish well. It has a tight straight grain that resembles cherry wood. The surface is dark brown/red in color.  Solid Nyatoh Door can be used for your main door.

Door knobs and lock set are included in our Door installation at no additional cost.

Enhance your room décor with our range high quality Wooden Doors at affordable prices