Color Options for Window Frames

Color options for window frames

Choosing the right colour of your Window frame


Color Options for Window Frames

Window Frame Colours

How do you choose the colour of your window frames? Can it be any arbitrary hue that you can select? Well, a frame’s colour can actually make or mar the look of your interior decor as well as the exterior look.  So, give a careful thought before you consider a particular shade for your frames.  For example, if you have bright white walls and your frames too are painted in same tone, it would maim down their effect, and spoil the look of the entire interior. So, lets try and demystify which frame colours would go best with a room’s ambience.

Interiors first, if your room-walls carry a soft colour, then white frames can accentuate their dull effect. With off-white plaster, you can use teal, grey or brown frame colours.  And if the ambiance of your room dons a dark shade such as red brick or purple, then white frames would be ideal.  Grey walls go best with white or even black!  and with lighter shades of blue or pink, choices are many: white, teal, grey, dark brown and silver frame colours.  In Singapore, where Aluminium frames are the ones used by and large for windows, these are pretty much the colours one can choose from.  Here’s a small table below that can come handy for picking up a particular style.

Type of Decor Interior Decor/Wall Colour Frame Colour
Contemporary, Modern Dark or Pastel colours Silver/White
Classic Light Teal or Grey
Eclectic Hues of White Teal
Mediterranean Light colours Dark Brown


Now coming to exteriors.  Generally, it is the dark hues of frame that work best for exterior look of your house, e.g. chocolate, brown, and pine.  But one should avoid black as it ‘frames’ the look of the window and makes it look shorter and narrower.  In Singapore homes, where walls are generally made of cement, bricks and exteriors are painted with off white shades, using standard pastel colours is the safest bet.

Lastly, let’s touch upon the glass tint and how it would match with the colour of the frame.  Sea green and blue tints go well with white frames.  Dark tints like black or brown harmonize well with dark brown frames. And for clear glasses, choosing silver frames can be a fantastic idea.

An aptly chosen frame colour can bring peppiness and zest to your home’s look, while a wrong colour combination would dispirit and subdue it.  So, choose wisely!