House Decor with Wrought Iron Design

Wrought Iron Design as a means to decorate your home

House Decor with Wrought Iron DesignSo, you’ve been tirelessly browsing through Interior Decoration magazines and Home Improvement websites, hoping to chance upon that one element which instantaneously catches your eye. Apart from being downright attractive, this component needs to appear classy, fit the budget, provide utility and leave an impression without being obviously overstated. Though this sounds like a tall order, your search for that magical addition to your home, may stop right here.

Consider this…


Upgrade your design quotient with wrought iron

Wrought iron’s ease to shape into any intricate form of desire makes it an artist’s dream metal. Its resistance to corrosion ensures that your elaborate designs last longer. Wrought iron requires minimum treatment and can be designed to suit a host of interior set-ups typical to the Singaporean market. Apart from its malleability, this traditional material can withstand any amount of direct sun, wind or rain, making it ideal for any condo or landed property in Singapore.

Once formed and installed, wrought iron requires no fussy maintenance at all. Coated in any paint or vanish, available from a wide variety, it continues to adorn your home, as long as you need it to, without expecting anything in return. Except, of course, the constant barrage of compliments from your friends and family…

Another bonus – It’s easy to clean and can simply be wiped down with soapy water or detergent and water, ensuring it’s dried properly at the end.


Wrought Iron window and door grilles

Grilles can be mundane and archaic if utilised in their basic forms. Due to their security function, they can’t be avoided either especially in Singapore where the next house is sometimes too close for comfort! So the choice here is between a) maximum safety and security b) aesthetic appeal

We say “Why compromise on either, when you can have both?”

We recommend an advanced sprucing up and beautification process using wrought iron, to transform your standard window and door grilles into masterpieces. Ornamentation with wrought iron offers classic appeal while ensuring they don’t just look pretty – Wrought iron is sturdier, more durable and economical than you think. Its dependable quality makes it an ideal material for security doors and windows. It’s virtually impossible for even the strongest intruder to push through a wrought iron grille. And since these grilles are with you for the long haul, they’re naturally, good value for money.


Designs ideas using wrought iron

So you’re willing to explore the possibility of introducing wrought iron grilles to your home. Let’s then explore the design options that are out there…

Though it is a traditional looking material, due to wrought iron’s design potential, it can be moulded into a host of modern, conventional designs to suit your tastes. Leaves, flowers, vines or special motifs and symbols are popular wrought iron design ideas for any grille in your home. Tighter and more intricate patterns ensure increased privacy. Slimmer grille designs allow a wider view. Applying paint can help your iron grilles to blend into the current aesthetic make up of your home. Many home owners prefer to display their wrought iron grilles in their natural classic forms, of black, copper, bronze, white or brown, with just a touch of varnish.

Due to the sheer sturdiness of wrought iron, it can be shaped to hold heavy flower pots in your windows, making them even more attractive.


Now that you’ve been presented the basics, the choice to decorate your new home or upgrade your existing abode with wrought iron grilles is all yours.

Happy Decorating!