Louvre Windows

The Louvre window is synonymous with light and airy bathrooms.  This popular type of window classically refers to the one with multiple glass panels that ingeniously slide into place at a common angle. Their intelligent design permits in light while restricting the rain and lets in breeze while blocking harsh rays.

One can find this type of window primarily in bathrooms and restrooms due to their ability to maintain privacy while allowing the required ventilation, keeping these areas dry and fresh.  Louvre windows also assist in saving energy by minimizing the degree of dependence on electric lighting and cooling.  In fact they beautifully utilise natural daylight in a subtle yet private way.

Types of Louvre Windows

We offer Louvre windows designed especially for your toilet or bathroom areas with adjustable panels.  These can be opened (to lay flat) or closed (to stand upright) as per your needs, thus increasing or restricting air flow.  These adjustable panels are ideal for the Singaporean weather as they can completely block rain water from entering your house when shut.  An additional feature offered is an inbuilt fan in a window panel for more thorough ventilation and air control.

A Louvre window with frosted or coloured glass panels not only enhances privacy but also adds a touch of finesse to your bathroom.  These windows are also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Placement of a Louvre window is important in the role it plays.  In order to release hot air, the window should be situated high.  This allows hot air to escape easily.  Positioning a Louvre window closer to the floor, allows cooler air to flow in.  It is in this simple way, that the Louvre window plays its modest role in temperature control.

Adjustable Aluminium Louvre windows by far remain the most popular types in Singapore.  These include aluminium brackets to hold the glass panes as opposed to the erstwhile plastic brackets which are subject to cracking and breaking after few years.  As for the maintenance – it is important to ensure that the glass panes are not cracked and are securely placed.  Besides that the only other maintenance required would be to check if the level lock operates effectively which can be done by occasional oiling & greasing.  The other type is the Timber Louvre, which are not so common and may not be suitable in the Singapore weather.

We at Victorious Windows & Doors Ptd Ltd supply and install new windows and doors. We do not provide repairs or maintenance services.

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