When selecting internal doors for their home usually homeowners don’t give much of a thought.  The reason being there aren’t many options available if you wish to add any element of art décor and design to that mundane door.  The obvious choice that comes to one’s mind are the good old wooden doors.  Though some design options are available nowadays in Veneer Doors they are limited to simple geometry on the laminated wood.

Doors play an important part in the aesthetic value of the room and in the overall appeal of the home interiors.  A carefully chosen door design can accentuate your room décor theme and would catch an obvious attention because people are always used to seeing plain and ordinary internal doors.  Wooden Doors with fibre glass have been around but they can quite expensive and glass always has a risk of shattering.

You now have a better alternative – Aluminium Doors with Poly-carbonate glass which are lighter, cheaper and best of all they now come in a wide range of designs.

Swing Doors –

Folding Doors –

In fact you are not limited to room doors.  We also provide Cabinet Doors with all these Design panels! So, do not restrict your imagination for your Kitchen cabinet design.  We can provide you with a range of designs for

kitchen cabinets and drawers –

Bored with your old kitchen cabinet, want to revamp and give it a makeover? or Doing a new home renovation and want beautiful art panels in your kitchen?

Go no further, we have all the options for you!

We will come down to show you our complete catalog.  You’d be surprised at the choice you have.