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Essential Accessories for Windows

Five Accessories you should buy for your new Windows
Just got new windows and have no idea how to add style to them? Unless some niceties are thrown in, they may look very dull, besides creating a bare ambience for your home.  So, what to do to bring a bit of sophistication and elegance to your windows? Well, the options are far too many, but we are going to tell you about 5 lovely accessories that can prove quiet handy, in addition to bringing about an aesthetic look for your interiors.


Solar Read more [...]

Insect Protection Screens

Protecting your home from insects & mosquitoes

This year the dengue epidemic is exceptionally severe in Singapore, and health officials have been trying to beat the worst ever outbreak with large scale public awareness and prevention programmes in heartland residential areas.  The Singapore Ministry Of Health is maintaining  strict vigilance over the spread of disease with its mosquito surveillance programmes, which includes penalties for people who fail to remove mosquito breeding sites Read more [...]

Options for Window Privacy

Three Simple Ways for Window Privacy

Decorating your home and want to do up your windows? Not sure what would look best and function hassle free?  If you are one of those homemakers whose pulling her hair over these issues then here are three simple options to help you decide the best fit for your abode.

Yes, it’s tough when it comes to choosing the best option to address privacy aspects for your windows.  Since, there are many choices available with innumerable varieties and styles in Read more [...]

Maintaining Wooden Doors

Wooden doors always give the home a warm and cosy feel. Being the point of entry for any room, they should look neat and welcoming.  However, wood as a material over time may start to dull and even decay.  And this may result in the metal hinges, door knobs getting loose; chipping near the edges; expansion of the door panel due to climatic conditions and so on.

Doors are subject to daily usage and also undergo a lot of wear & tear.  So, maintaining your wooden doors is important.  Whether Read more [...]

Grille Cleaning Tips

Like Windows, Grilles are also directly subjected to the elements – light, water, dust, moisture and so on.  And if fixed on the outside of the windows then they are constantly exposed to the vagaries of climate.  So, maintenance and upkeep of grilles is required once in a while just like any other item of your home decor

Keeping your window grilles clean and free from dust may seem like a daunting task, but when done correctly it can be quite easy a task. For lattice design, white powder Read more [...]

Window Cleaning Tips

Glass windows look best when they are cleaned on a regular basis. Using old newspapers, simple water-vinegar solution and some elbow action is generally a quick and green way of cleaning windows.  However, to make your windows really sparkle, employing the right tools and techniques would really help

To get started, you may want to invest in -

-          A bucket

-          A good quality squeegee

-          A scrubber or sponge

-          Dishwashing Read more [...]

Window Safety Days

In order to raise awareness on Window Safety, the BCA has launched a bi-annual Window Safety Campaign to remind home owners to check and maintain their windows.  6th June (06/06) and 12th December (12/12) have been designated as Window Safety Days.

In the past, BCA has organized exhibitions so as to enable the public to learn some simple maintenance steps through demos and window mock-ups.  Window safety checks are made easier too with a DIY inspection kit that includes an instructional manual, Read more [...]

Falling Maids

As with any other home décor fixture, windows, grilles and doors need cleaning and upkeep.  Windows especially need regular cleaning to allow natural light and keep the outside view clear and unobstructed.  However, window cleaning comes with an inherent risk for the person cleaning them.  There’s an obvious risk of falling off from the windows when one tries to clean them from outside.  And a fall from a height is likely to be fatal.

In Singapore, where house maids are commonly tasked Read more [...]

Preventive Measures

It is resident’s responsibility to keep their Windows properly fastened and do preventive maintenance especially if the Windows are old.  BCA/HDB have published many guidelines in this directions which residents must follow such as

For Casement Windows -

Replace Aluminium rivets to stainless steel ones.
Check for Window screws that are loose or rusty
Clean the rivets and lubricate them so as to keep movement of joints easy

For Sliding Windows –

Clean bottom & top tracks Read more [...]

Falling Windows

Falling Windows are a serious threat to public safety.  Windows falling off from their rivets or frames on account of poor maintenance would be one dreaded category of killer litter.  A metal framed glass window weighing few tens of kilos would undoubtedly result in grievous injuries or even be fatal if it were to descend on anyone by any chance.

The bad news is that the number of such cases in Singapore has been rising over the past few years.  For year 2012 alone the percentage of cases in Read more [...]